Not that I wasn’t already sad to see MovieNite, our synchronous online video watching experience, go after an intense couple of weeks pulling it together for our PPM final, but I’ve also just gotten a reminder. Even without the simliarities to our project, I can’t count how many times we talked about MST3K in Shawn’s class (I think it may be his third favorite thing in the world, right after karaoke and call-in radio). And of course I got to give my usual rant about my favorite 4:00am weekend cable show, Cheap Seats. (What can I say? I worked a bar Friday and Saturday nights in a town where the bars are closed by 2:30.) Anyway, the demo is really funny, I don’t know if I could see myself using it, though maybe if Alex and I can get q-dogg and the white gorilla back we could all try it out (granted it doesn’t involve “crafting” an avatar or watching “I Think I Know What You Might Have Done Last Winter” for the umpteenth time).