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Clothia iPad App 2.0

Clothia already had a website and an iPad app, but they wanted to revamp the app to be more social and to help them improve their new user acquisition. So we redesigned it from top to bottom, with the focus on making the interactions more low-cost, and sharing to third party networks more seamless. As…

Signpost Merchants Dashboard

Signpost was an online ad network that promised to help businesses drive new customers by creating Groupon style deals. Understanding that they needed to deliver more on the customer experience for the small businesses that used them, they asked me to come in and do user research on their small business customers to inform their…

Urban Bingo iPhone App

My client – a first time entrepreneur – had a great idea for a location-based scavenger hunt game that could be pitched as a loyalty program to small businesses, a team-building activity for groups and conferences, or just a fun, asynchronous game to play amongst your friends. Though the basic concept and vision were there,…

Slated Website

Slated is an innovative social networking platform that reimagines how independent films get made.I worked with Slated over several years to design how this online tool would help filmmakers package and find funding for their projects.

Switch App Onboarding

Switch had a registration success rate of 50%. On a shoestring budget, I user tested the app to identify the problems people were having with registration, redesigned the onboarding process, and user tested it to ensure that the solution was valid. I also did several user interviews and created personas to help guide any design…
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“Designed By Me” Website & iPad App

Lolly Wolly Doodle had been creating and selling fashion for little girls for several years. Their innovative manufacturing processes allowed them to turn around custom designs in a short amount of time. Wanting to show this off, we imagined a “build-your-own” dress making tool that would allow users to design and purchase custom dresses based…

MIT Media Lab Website

When the talented group of designers and developers at Type/Code were contracted to redesign the Media Lab’s website, they realized that they had a lot of work to do before they could start designing. They contracted me to spearhead the discovery process, which involved interviewing dozens of stakeholders to uncover the needs of these varied…